Semi-Open Concept Home Renovation in a 4-room HDB Resale Apartment

Many homeowners aspire to have an open-concept kitchen because of its ability to create a sense of spaciousness in the home. It also serves as an ideal backdrop for homeowners who enjoy hosting gatherings, as it encourages seamless interaction. However, wouldn’t it be convenient if we could temporarily enclose the kitchen when unexpected guests arrive and we don’t have sufficient time to tidy up?

For instance, in the case of this 4-room HDB Resale Apartment, we removed the wall to establish an open kitchen concept, while also incorporating a sliding door featuring two fixed panels. This design allows natural light to filter through, and the ribbed glass conceals any untidiness and clutter from prying eyes.  1


The kitchen features a Galley-style layout, flanking a functional island with enough space for a bar stool, ideal for a quick breakfast. The island’s rounded corners serve to soften the kitchen’s appearance while providing additional storage for the homeowners.


The homeowners selected Shaker-style cabinet doors with brass handles. The sharp detailing of these framed doors complements the natural flow of sintered stone marbled veins, creating a striking visual contrast. To maintain a bright and airy ambience, we opted for an off-white matte laminate, ensuring easy maintenance.

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On the opposite side of the kitchen, we installed full-height cabinets to accommodate pantry items, a microwave, and an oven. This arrangement offers ample storage, concealing appliances and liberating countertop space. In addition, we incorporated cabinetry for the laundry area, allowing the homeowners to neatly store detergents and laundry essentials. The extra countertop space provides a more expansive area for meal preparation.

We were also lucky to have Shermane Chua from Bliss Flower Boutique to demonstrate a quick vase arrangement with our guests who were excited to try it out at home with the flowers that they received from the event. ..  s

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Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining space boasts a simple design, featuring a movable sideboard behind the dining table, serving as a versatile serving area. We also designed a full-length low shoe cabinet beneath the windows to maintain an organized shoe collection.


The dining table overlooks the living room, creating an ideal setting for family interaction. A comfortable cream-coloured sectional sofa enhances the room’s inviting atmosphere. In the TV area, we constructed a false wall with LED lighting, contributing to a pleasant home ambience. The subtle curve on one side adds balance to the overall design.

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For the living room, we selected Vinyl for the Herringbone flooring. Herringbone floors, rooted in history, possess a timeless appeal that remains attractive over the years. We do advise homeowners that achieving the herringbone pattern may require approximately 20% more material to account for wastage.


Our work also extended to the common bathroom, where we used marble tiles and solid-colour flooring to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Emphasizing white accessories throughout the space ensures a cohesive and well-organized appearance.

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This has been one of our most popular Instagram posts to date and we are very pleased with the design outcome of this lovely home. Do you love this home as much as we do? Do share it with us and till the next article!

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