10 HDB Master Bedrooms That You Would Not Ever Get Sick of Looking At

One of the best places in the world, the master bedroom is where we are unafraid of judgement and a place for ultimate relaxation. We showcase some of our favourites from our past renovation projects!

  1. In our design, we always try to make sense out of the space so that we can maximise its function. In this room, you will notice a full-height mirror at the side of the wardrobe. It saves space when compared to using a standing mirror, reflects light from the bay window and well, it just makes sense to have a tall mirror in the space where you dress up. Functional yet aesthetically pleasing, how would you get sick of looking at this safe haven?

  1. Inspired by the luxe of art deco, the geometric pattern on the wall stood proud as the feature in this master room. Pair that with a contemporary gold chandelier and you will get a cosy space, akin to a boutique hotel. Who needs a stay cay when you can get both visual factor and comfort from your own humble abode?

  1. The love for a platform bed. It has a way to make the space look zen, and amazingly cosy to retire for the day. Work with led strip lights around the parameter, and it gives a nice ambience glow in the night. Not forgetting the splash of monotones which further enhances the overall look of the bedroom.

  1. Notice something in common with the previous contender? Yes, another platform bed that we love! This room is designed with a platform bed that has storage as a space-saving solution, and a wardrobe. The screeded wall gives the room a masculine edge, and don’t you love that open concept toilet?

  1. Not a typical bedroom setting because here, the bed was placed away from the window and a low cabinet was used to run parallel to define the dressing space with the bed space. We then used a classic all-white palette; the master bedroom looks big and spacious! (Picture credit to Qanvast)

  1. Sometimes, a simple design that serves its purpose functionally will provide the biggest impact. This bedroom with the floating table design looks sharp and sleek. Pairing cool grey tones and the herringbone pattern flooring warms up the space while making the room look pretty!

  1. The warmth of the woody feature wall contrasting the clean and cool grey wardrobe gives this room a perfect balance of everything. The vertical lines on the feature wall lead the eyes upwards creating an impression of a taller room. The furniture chosen also really helps in building the entire vibe of the room.

  1. We could all do with a little pampering and feel like we are staying in a boutique hotel at home, don’t we? Deep, and dark tones, along with a grand feature wall at the headboard, sculptural lighting, and a vanity area fit for a star! Who would not want to retire for the day in luxe?

  1. Woody elements make any interior feels a lot cosier with its warm tones and natural grains! No space deserves much more of that treatment than the bedroom. Wrapping the room with wood on walls, floor and bay window give this room a relaxing vibe. Contrast that with dark wood as a headboard to help create visual interest as well as a focal point for this bedroom.

  1. For the final project that we are featuring, we would have to give a word of caution – you may NEVER want to leave your bedroom! Greys and taupe combination work harmoniously in this calming bedroom. We included a study desk, and a bay window seating granting an amazing view outside the home.

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