6 Renovation Tips for a Low Maintenance Washroom

Cleaning the house takes up a lot of energy. What if we told you that we have a way to lessen that burden without sacrificing the style factor? Read on to find out more!

  1. We totally would recommend using wood and marble pairing for your washroom. From the project above, see how the wood tiles complement marble. Using dark wood tiles not only make the marble veins look more pronounced but also, it is a lot more conducive for maintenance especially when it is used in the shower area. Dark wood tiles lessen the visibility of stains, ensuring your toilet looking clean.

  1. Akin to a boutique hotel design, this dark coloured design feels like a perfect space to wash away the stress of a long day at work. Keeping the design simple, with the use of similar wall and floor tiles, maintenance is kept to the minimum as the big tiles meant that there is lesser grout discolouration to manage. The grey hues keep the washroom looking sleek.

  1. Showcasing our project at Bidadari Estate. Its toilet is similar to many current HDB homes. Here, the emphasis is on using natural stone colours in grey for easy maintenance. The dirt will camouflage seamlessly with the design and its colours.(Showcasing our project at Bidadari Estate, this typical bathroom layout can be found in many HDB homes. Using tiles in natural grey stone colours allow for easy maintenance as soap scums and water marks is less visible. Plus, the medium tones keep the bathroom bright and airy.)

  1. For this project, the homeowner opted for a wall hung toilet, which gives the toilet a quirky hotel finish. This in turn also frees up the floor space to ease the cleaning process. Mopping will be a breeze! We have also created a niche to place the shampoo and soap so that the area does not look untidy. The consistent look of using the same tiles on the wall and floor made this a dream toilet.

  1. Out of all the marble tiles available, black marble tiles is often neglected. The perceived impression of using it in any part of the house design is daunting to many. However, when used in spaces such as the toilet, black marble exudes a luxe and classy vibe. In terms of upkeep, having no separation between the shower and toilet ensures that there will be less muck as there are lesser things to clean.

  1. Last but not least, we love storage spaces in the toilet because loose toiletries can really be an eyesore. Tuck them neatly in the cabinet when not in use, and access them easily by placing all the essentials in a basket. The size of the toilet also allowed us to create a two doors vanity for storage which is ideal as it accumulates less dust and for an overall clutter-free look! Voila, you can have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom and yet still very functional.

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