The bathroom – the birthplace of many ideas and a place where we spent the bulk of our time in. It surely wouldn’t hurt if the washroom is visually appealing while looking substantial at the same time. Read on to find out renovation tips that can help you do a bit of both.

  1. Material of Tiles

Both floor and wall tiles play a huge role in making your washroom look less cramp. We’d always recommend for clients to go for the same texture for both as the transition is cleaner. In this project, you will see marble tiles being used from floor to wall. It is a harmonious mixture and the simple contrast makes the bathroom appear seamless and extensive. Wood carpentry was also introduced as a juxtaposition to the marble and helps to warm up the interior against the cool tones of white. Overall, a cozy yet spacious washroom look was achieved.

  1. Placement of the Washroom

For the master toilet above, aesthetics wise, we opted to go for the open concept and modern look. To make the toilet even roomier, we decided with the homeowner to take the sink out into the master bedroom. The frameless built-in bathtub cum shower saves additional space whilst giving the homeowner an opportunity to relax and unwind, in the comfort of his own home.

  1. Size of Tiles

Not all toilets were made equal. Some were made humongous! With that being said, who says we can’t create an illusion that it is? Our take – try using tiles that are bigger in size. This creates an impression that the space is huge as there are lesser lines, which also means a less cluttered look. Alternatively, using tiles that are matte and plain, helps to emphasize a capacious area while keeping the toilet looking crisp and tidy.

  1. Colour Palette

For our clients who prioritise having a spacious look for their home, we’d always recommend opting for colours such as marble and grey with pops of black. Framing shower screens with black frames always make the toilet appear sharp and luxe. We also love the classic white on white combo for this purpose, whereby the walls and even bathroom fixtures would be all white. Alternatively, you could consider keeping the chosen bathroom colours to the minimum and uniform so that it will look neater and overall, more sizeable.

  1. Natural Lighting

A well-known trick to make your bathroom more commodious and airier would be to allow natural light to flood in so that it will not feel claustrophobic. You could instil more light in the toilet by installing a larger mirror (the bigger the better!) and facing it to the light source. What happens if there are no windows in the said bathroom? You could still use the mirror to reflect a piece of furniture so that it becomes an aesthetic feature. We’d also recommend using reflective tiles and not put any furniture in the area which may block any sources of light.

  1. Storage

Installing a niche to store your toiletries makes the area less messy as you wouldn’t need to purchase a holder to place it, which just takes up more space. Try to arrange only for the necessities to be placed outside – such as your hand soap or toothbrush, to avoid a look whereby your items are strewn about. We would also suggest installing a hanging fixture or choosing vanity drawers to keep anything else hidden in storage. These combined together will ultimately give you a neat looking yet functional bathroom.

  1. Combine both wet and dry areas

We’d normally picture a bathroom having an enclosed frame or divider for showering such as some of the projects above. However, if you feel that separation is needed, having a frameless shower area actually makes the space look bigger and roomier. If you prefer to have a partition, we’d recommend a full glass screen for the shower area as opposed to having coloured frames or shower curtains that will end up creating segregation, making the space look a lot smaller.

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