Décor Ideas: Functional yet Stylish Kitchen Renovation Inspo ideas

Who says you have to sacrifice the style factor when accommodating functionality? Today, we share with you designs that will spark inspiration for your own kitchen renovation!

All White

Who doesn’t enjoy having a clutter-free kitchen to work their magic in? The use of white will surely ensure that your kitchen looks spacious whilst retaining the sleek factor. To further enhance the space, we recommend light-coloured carpentry with timbre tiles, creating an illusion of an extensively long kitchen. Choosing white marble as the backslash to match the light-coloured décor also adds that smidgen of luxe. Functionality wise, the long countertop ensures a more commodious area for you to whip up a good meal!

Dark and Luxurious

On contrary to its perceived dullness, dark coloured theme kitchens always ooze out cozy vibes while still exuding a luxe feel. Here’s a tip on us! Pairing black carpentry with some elements including walnut wood such as the above picture gives just the right amount of contrast and prevents the kitchen from looking too dark. Another suggestion would be to pair your kitchen dark cabinet with a rustic brick wall which will create a warm and inviting ambience. The country vibes from these two pairings will balance out the heavy look of brick because of the contrasting black sleek lines.

Bold and Fun

A bold kitchen is always memorable. Prefer something striking but not keen on overkill? Our recommendation: Focus the loud prints on one spot. Colourful printed tiles contrast nicely with white cabinets and wood countertops. Add on the wow factor with colourful kitchen appliances. This combination balances out the visuals, with it not being too flashy but still fun. Pssst – did you also see the hanging rack that can be tucked under when not in use? Functionality Bonus!

Classy and Chic

The kitchen interior design above is just almost like the Marina Bay Sands rooftop, only at home. Truthfully, an island can make a huge difference in your kitchen. It can take on any shape, apart from the regular rectangle or square design. This island design for a home in Northshore shows what beautiful difference it made by adding curves to it. Choose a kitchen countertop that will not only aid in your cooking flow but also be aesthetically functional (think, more room for preparing your ingredients!) at the same time.

Pastel and Pretty

Always trendy, pastel colours adds that extra sweet touch to your usual classic white style kitchen. Soft curves and pastel colours can be found in the above unique design. The bluish mint pastel colour adds that fresh element to your standard boring kitchen. The shaker style cabinet with its rigid lines is nicely contrasted with the arched island standing in the middle of the space. The entire kitchen gives out a semi-tropical vibe while looking pretty.

Woody but Homely

Love unwinding with your loved ones after a long day but afraid that having a dining table in the kitchen will clutter the area? Try opting for cabinets with straight lines. Keeping each portion linear either horizontally or vertically. It draws the eyes upwards and at the same time creates an impression of a wide kitchen. Another plus point of this layout? The cook doesn’t get left out when the guests mingle!

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All uploaded images are creations of Tidplus Design.