How to Level Up Your Living Room by a Notch

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, a comfortable and visually appealing living room will be most welcomed. The living room in your home is also one of the first few things that your guests will notice when they first enter the apartment. How do you renovate your living room so that it stays current and always attractive to you? Today, we impart some knowledge that we have garnered through our many different projects.

  1. Know Your Focal Point

One of the more obvious parts of the room will be the TV console area. It is imperative to make this space attractive, and yet not cluttered with decorative items to distract you from watching your favourite Netflix series. This streamlined design is accompanied by our go-to chosen linear lines and a solid neutral palette. We’d also recommend for you to opt for a vertical shiplap design if you can, which will be able to emphasize the sheer height of the floor to ceiling, making the house look taller and spacious.

  1. Built-in Carpentry

Built-in carpentry might cost more than freestanding furniture but it often streamlines a design, making the house overall looking less cluttered, basically, your visual anchor. It is recommended to do built-in if you can as it elevates storage issues. Showcasing another completed project using fluted carpentry for the TV console, storage cabinet and shoe rack. While there are many wood elements, we used the dark tones of walnut tone to contrast with the pine flooring. Doesn’t this humble abode just ooze coziness and neatness?

  1. Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in shaping any home. For example, natural lighting can make the room look spacious even if it’s slightly smaller or an abstract light can really complete the look of a transition themed home. Don’t want something too loud? Take the opportunity to put an ambience light on the TV feature wall as the carpentry can hide unsightly wires and trunking. A simple strip of LED light highlights not only the design of the feature wall but also creates depth and dimension.

  1. Flooring

We believe that textures and flooring play a big part in the stylish factor of the home. Herringbone flooring takes the centre stage in this lovely apartment. The interesting patterns and warm tone of the wood keep the place cosy without being too outlandish. Alternatively, you may consider using glossy tiles to help reflect light, further creating a sense of spaciousness to the interior.

  1. Accessorize

Choose one highlight and keep everything else subtle. Here, a painterly floral wallpaper provides a delicate backdrop to the beautiful bluish lilac sofa. The wallpaper design serves as a feature wall to spruce up the living room while defining the accent colours in the rest of this room. We kept the design of everything else simplistic to keep the look light and uncluttered yet refreshing.

  1. Colour Palette

One of the most important factors is the colour palette of the apartment. This factor makes or breaks the style of home. What suits you best? Would you go light or dark? Take this project above for example – there are many different types of greys, but this dusky one works really well with dark wood tones. The moody feel creates an extremely cosy ambience while the light floors and some walls help illuminate light in the space. With the right furniture, we reckon you can’t go wrong!

  1. The Walls

Jazz up your living room with walls that are more unique and eye-catching. Wainscotting is commonly associated with Victorian Era architecture. In a clean and monotonic palette like this home, wainscotting details lend a visual interest without being too quirky. The wall of greens breaks the white clinical streak and gives life to this home.

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