10 Eye-Catching Walk-in Wardrobe to Emulate in Your Home

Having a walk-in wardrobe is a dream for many. There are so many choices: Open Concept? Mixed? Monochromatic? Featuring our past projects, we hope you can garner a little inspiration for your future dream cupboard!

  1. Monochromatic Fantasy

The thing that we love about black tones is that it not only elongates the walkway, but it also makes the area look especially luxurious and neat. Mixing open shelving with a closed-door wardrobe allows the homeowner additional flexibility to hide clutter and display frequently used or pretty items. An insta-worthy backdrop, the spotlight above provides extra lighting for that perfect OOTD shot!

A similar concept as the above project, a touch of class is a walk-in wardrobe with dark transparent glass that allows you to see what’s inside and yet protects your clothes from specks of dust! The ambience lighting installed in the wardrobe adds a nice warmth and a relaxing mood when you are dressing up.

  1. White-on-White


The framed doors on the wardrobe exude a luxe feel to the interior if you feel that this design is simple, we feel like a statement piece chandelier or pops of greenery will create an impact in the space. A full-length mirror will also help to make the interior look spacious and assist to reflect light for a brighter-looking room. It is truly a one of a kind fuss-free and functional design as no space is wasted.

A myriad of white on white always make space feels welcoming. Instead of creating a mere consistent look of just having regular doors throughout, try mixing it with open shelves, and sliding mirror doors will make the space more serviceable and holistic.

  1. New York Chic

A walk-in wardrobe with open concept storage can be a visual treat when clothes are arranged and coordinated nicely. It also allows you to see your clothes in a glance, and reach out to them easily. The striped backdrop at the back of the closet allows the illusion of texture, making the simple design a lot more eye-catching and pleasing to the eyes.

Continuing the whites from the living room, this wardrobe cum study provides the homeowner with so much storage that clutter will never be an issue. Add an abstract artwork or touches of gold in your décor like the doorknobs, it will greatly elevate the look of this straightforward space!

  1. Woody

Isn’t this a walk-in wardrobe dream come through? Flanked by two wardrobes with ample storage spaces and a full-height mirror and floating dressing table at the end makes this a perfect space to dress up. The ambience light encompassing the mirror would be great to provide light while doing makeup too!



A mixture of open concept and doors, allow you to arrange clothing based on its usage. Accessible pieces at the open one, and seasonal clothes at the closed door. Plus, facing the window with natural light is always perfect for makeup! Mirrored doors are also functional in narrow spaces to reflect light, and be used to check our reflection after dressing up. A dresser near a window allows you to do your makeup in natural light. Plus, an open concept wardrobe like this allows accessibility and let you see your clothes at a glance facilitating your daily dress-ups.

  1. Out of the Box

Don’t want to be too typical? Floating wardrobe has gained popularity in these few years, as it allows space to add floor light to create a nice ambience in the room. Plus, did you know that when the wardrobe is not flushed to the ground, it creates an impression of a bigger interior?

Not a common chosen colour for wardrobe, this blue gives off a calming yet outstanding vibe. The jewel tone on the carpentry is further enhanced by a sliver of gold in the likes of the door handle. It’s a simple accessory, and yet through this simple addition, the interior looks luxe and warm!

  1. Galley Style


Galley style wardrobe is a perfect way to increase storage without taking too much space. Here, one side of the wardrobe is provided with doors to store away clutters, while the open concept portion allows accessibility to frequently used items. An open concept wardrobe provides accessibility to your things at a glance. By using a standardise tone for the inner wardrobe to match the outer, the design appears seamless.

  1. Modern Contemporary

You can mix covered doors along with glass doors for the wardrobe to improve visual interest. Display appealing things in the glass portion while masking away the mess on the other side. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have an island sprawling in the centre of the walk-in wardrobe to showcase your accessories!

  1. Grey-toned


Be bold, if you DARE! While solid colours exude the feeling of being prim and proper, textured design like the above wardrobes creates a visual treat. Such treatments provide depth and to prevent looking too overwhelming, the look is controlled with a clean and sleek design and minimal colours in the surrounding areas. Instil matching furniture such as a suitable coloured sofa chair to make dressing even more of a breeze!


We created a walk-in wardrobe with a dresser by demolishing a wall that separates bedroom 2 and the master bedroom. On top of that, added a study desk in front of the window offering them a view of the estate while working. All while looking sleek and chic thanks to the grey tones.

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