Tips on How to Beautify Your Kitchen While Remaining Functional

(+ 10 Stunning Insta-Worthy Home Kitchen Designs for you to Ogle over)

Need some inspiration for your future kitchen? Look no further! From dark theme to pastel-coloured to white chic – in this article, we show you 10 stylish kitchens worth drooling over which did not compromise on their functionality.


  1. Kickstarting our list, this kitchen in a condo with ample storage and worktop is probably a dream kitchen for many. Ceiling hung shelving provides additional space for storage of frequently used items and can also function as a display for pretty things! We also love the colour contrast of the greys and the darker green. It is a wonderful colour combination that you didn’t think you need, but you deserve.

  1. Next on the list, we are featuring this unique kitchen design with soft curves and pastel colours. It gives off a very soothing and comfortable vibe because of the chosen colours. Yes, we are such a fan of it! Apart from the colours, the shaker style cabinet with its rigid lines is also nicely contrasted with the arched island standing in the middle of the space. Pretty isn’t it?

  1. If you don’t need a ton of storage, a kitchen with no upper cabinets tends to appear a lot more spacious and airier. Take the wall tiles all the way up to the ceiling to create an impression of a taller interior. It’s even better if the colours used are towards similar shades and uniformed to create a neat yet cozy look.

  1. Options. Always a good idea to have options. Why limit your eating space to just the dining table? The island built in front of the pantry can be used for quick meal fixes like breakfast or a quick snack, while the actual dining table for the whole family to sit in and hold conversations. For added aesthetics points, you may want to choose to install a geometric abstract light if your chosen palette for other furniture and the walls are muted like the above project.

  1. We always love a cabinet space near the dining table to store crockeries and cutleries or anything else really (you do you)! It gives homeowners the accessibility to reach out to frequently used items, and as an additional perk, the top can be used to put decorative pieces to enhance the ambience. Pretty and functional!

  1. The trendy and popular themes chosen by new homeowners these days are dark and luxurious similar to the above project. This is because a pop of dark cabinet can seriously give off modern and chic vibes. Pairing the black carpentry with walnut wood gives just the right amount of contrast and prevent the kitchen from looking too dark. If your kitchen is more prone to any wear and tear, the dark theme kitchen ensures that it won’t be as obvious juxtapose to a light kitchen.

  1. This open concept kitchen marries beauty and function effortlessly. It gives off an illusion of a much roomier outlook and allows for easier mingling when guests are around. The glossy all-white kitchen cabinets with smooth white glass backsplash provide a perfect backdrop of the kitchen with the mix of materials using marble and wood really creating a statement in this space.

  1. Worried about how clinical white is? Add contrast with the wood and printed floor tiles. The solid colour of the cabinet helps control the visual impact of the flooring while flooding the kitchen with lightness! Consider flat panel cabinets such as the above project, as the surface will greatly ease the cleaning process and lessen the timing needed to wipe. Another pro tip will be to opt for cabinets with handles as it will minimise the fingerprints and/or stains, and overall, the wear and tear on your drawers.

  1. Do you know what is in? Curves and arches! If clean lines exude masculinity in a space, adding curves soften it. The rounded edge is also easy on the eyes and using a timber strip, create additional details. This function also doubles as a safety bonus as it can be hazardous to have sharp edges especially if they are children/elderly in your household.

  1. Last but not least, we are featuring this dreamy kitchen you never thought that you wanted but needed. The dark cabinet with a rustic brick wall in the kitchen looks warm and inviting. That country vibes, contrasting the sleek lines of the black cabinet balances out the heavy look of brick. Using timber looking tiles from the wall to the floor keeps the look unison, showcasing the amazing wood grains and warmth that is often associated with timber.




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