Tips to Convert Small Areas into Storage to Save Space



Let’s face it, our homes are now more space constraint as compared to the past. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot fully utilise the area and instead convert it into useful storage. There are a plentiful of nooks or crannies which we can use to create more space. Basically, a little goes a long way! Read on to find out how we did just that for our past projects.

Case in point for our first feature. That neglected space behind the sofa, is often… neglected. We suggest using that area as a study, just by adding a small study desk. If you have kids, you may opt to decorate it minimally and use it as a play corner. The owner in the above project chose to turn that space into an interchangeable decorative space so that the home looks more cosy and homely overall. Basically, the possibilities are endless!

In an unlikely narrow space such as the above design, use it for activities that require a small area. Like this study table, the lights from windows are perfect for work, the long tabletop allows for a spacious working area and the upper cabinets are used for storage to maximise the limited space. It is conducive, and the elevated drawer also gives off an illusion of a roomier space as it takes up lesser space.

The oft-neglected service yard can be made beautiful and functional at the same time. Putting a cupboard in the laundry room allows you to stow away the clothes pegs and detergent neatly, while the countertop can be used to fold the laundry. This saves you space elsewhere and solving your needs!

Another way to save space would be customising furniture that has double usage purposes. Like the project above, customising a dining bench not only helps to unify the look of the home but also can be used as storage. If you don’t like maintaining upholsters for the seat, put a couple of cushions for added comfort.

We hate doing laundry, don’t we? But we will never deny how a pretty and functional space would make doing laundry a little bit more bearable. Placing the washer and dryer side by side and under a worktop, meant that you could wash, dry, AND FOLD laundry at the same place. Easy, breezy, and you save time by being able to do everything in one spot!

Functionality meets the aesthetic in this simple toilet design. Store all your toiletries in the bathroom by providing storage for “seldom used” items under the sink and “frequently used” items in the mirror cabinet. Dress the toilet with display shelves and with the décor that you are feeling for that day, week or month! Lastly, inject a touch of luxe with marbling on the vanity top.


We hope that these tips will be helpful in your future renovation journey. Have any questions? We are more than happy to assist! Contact us here for any queries.

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