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A 4-Room BTO in Senja Close with a Functional Open Concept Design

Living Room

When we talked about modern luxury interior design, some of us may think of excessive gold, gaudy detailing and opulent lighting. However, the look can always be pared down to create something a little bit more minimalistic. Working along the design principles of a modern luxury interior, our ID fused the neutral colour palette of a modern home with the elegant statement of a luxury home while keeping the look uncluttered.

One of the characteristics of a modern luxe home is the usage of natural materials. For this renovation, we went with marble flooring for its classy and yet delicate finish. To contrast the soft movements of the marble veins, the matte carpentry in chevron pattern introduces crisp lines to balance out the finishes. The usage of glass is also predominant in such space, and we used tinted glass to tie in the look nicely.

The wall separating the kitchen and the dining area was torn down to keep the space open and gives an impression of a bigger space. Continuing the warm tone of beige and wood, the kitchen carpentry was done in taupe. The knobs in gold with the marble backsplash tie in the modern luxury look together while still adhering to the simplistic look that we would like to achieve for this home.


The tall unit and fridge were also separated from the main kitchen making way for more cabinet space.  We were also able to include a nice corner for the homeowners to place their coffee machine and snacks.


A unique twist in the master bedroom is in the selection of rustic flooring which contrasted the finishes that can be found in the rest of the house. While it may appear unexpected, the timbre-like tile embodies one of the characteristics that we spoke of earlier; a natural material.

To control the complexity of the flooring, the carpentry was kept simple. We also added a floating TV console in the room in the same laminate as the wardrobe for design continuity.


For the master bathroom, we focused on functionality while still ensuring the aesthetics work with the rest of the home. Making use of the full length of the wall, we created a mirror storage cabinet as well as a vanity. This gives the homeowner ample space to store their toiletries.

The bathroom was also given an unexpected twist with the printed tiles as a feature in an otherwise solid colour bathroom.  A standalone bathtub is tucked in the shower that the homeowners could used for a quiet respite.

That is the end of the home tour for today’s edition.  We have also included the floor plan that we did for this home below.