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5 Beautiful Homes With Arches

From 2022 till now, we realise that there was an influx in requests for arches in our clients’ homes as it is very in trend nowadays. Arches add dynamic interest while giving a visual contrast in the space as it is an excellent feature point. In this article, we feature 5 different homes that we did up in 2022 for your inspiration!

1. HDB, BTO 4-room

Starting off, in the first place, we feature a close-concept kitchen with a fanciful arch door. This arched door with fluted glass is a classy choice as it looks extremely aesthetically pleasing, and the combined design elements give off an illusion of height. The beautiful entrance also separates the kitchen from the rest of the home while allowing natural light to permeate.

2. HDB, Resale 5-Room

Next up, we have an arched niche featured in the living room space. A niche is a recess in a wall, usually one that contains decorative items. It gives off so much potential for the area to be furnished with styling items. The overall look gives off a pop of visual interest and most importantly, it does not oddly protrude from the space, allowing it to be seamless.

3. Condo, Resale 4-Room

Arches can be anywhere in your home, as long as you dream it! Here’s an idea – just like what we did here for Melissa Koh’s apartment, why not make your entrance an arch shape if you have a balcony? Alongside the colour palette, this created a softer look for the whole home, setting the tone for the Modern Farmhouse Luxe look that we were going for.

4. HDB, Resale 4-Room

For this project, the feature would of course be the archway-shaped shoe storage cabinet! This interesting design spin was created for the homeowner to style and display their decorative accessories while the rest of the items can be kept hidden. This creates a focal point in this vast living room and sets the tone for the rest of the home. The LED lighting in the arch cabinet also adds a touch of aesthetic alongside its functionality.

5. HDB, Resale 5-Room

Last but not least, the walkway into the home here also utilised an archway shape similar to the previous apartment as its feature with a slight difference – a more angular arch like this hut nook instead of the usual soft curve you see from the projects above! This design shows us that it does not always have to follow a certain format when it comes to your home, anything is possible!

Aside from the projects above with its arch being a permanent addition to the home, if you think it is too big of a commitment, you may wish to try having the arch effect with your accessories such as mirrors or even with your walk-in wardrobe entryway similar to the project shown.

Do you think the arch design trend is here to stay or would you incorporate it in your home? Share it with us and we will see you in the next article!