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5 Tips on How You Can Nail an All-White Interior

When it comes to an all-white home, one of the mistakes that we could make is selecting everything in plain white. While it may look light and bright, an all-white home will be void of depth and dimension resulting in a boring-looking home that is too clinical.

Shift from All-White to Mostly White

Instead of applying a single tone of white, mix cool and warm whites together to create a soft contrast to the space. As white can appear too safe, mundane and cold, you can always introduce an accent colour or texture to warm up the space.  Wood tones go amazingly well with white and are the perfect way to impart warmth to the home.

Use Lighting to Create an Ambience

Investing in good lighting for an all-white home will always be a good idea.  We highly recommend using warm-white light to create a cosy vibe and a calming ambience to the home. Track light and pendant lighting that can be used to shine at specific areas will cast nice highlights and shadows on the wall and floor, thus creating an interesting visual to an otherwise flat space.

Adding Details and Textures

When doing an all-white cabinet, add details like mouldings, frames, or hardware like knobs to the cabinet doors to create dimension and visual interest.  You can also opt for glass doors to display decorative pieces and add charm and personality to the space without the need to deal with dust.  Just remember to keep metallic details to the minimum as they may appear off-putting in a vastly white space.

Play with Shapes

Make the space interesting by playing with different shapes and forms through carpentry, masonry or even furniture. Using a fish-scale backsplash against the linear shaker-style cabinet or a rounded dining chair imparts that touch of whimsy and softness to the interior. White is boring, they say? Heck no!

Decorate, Decorate and Decorate!

Never be afraid to style and decorate a white home! To break the consistency of the white interior, it is good to hang oversized artwork that could draw the eyes to a focal point. Use real or faux plants to add greeneries and introduce nature to the space and make the interior more homely.

That’s all folks! Would you opt for an all-white space in any part of your home? Do share with us your thoughts and we’d love to hear