A Bohemian Chic Interior at a 5-Room BTO Apartment in Sengkang West Way

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Tidplus Design

A Bohemian Chic Interior at a 5-Room BTO Apartment in Sengkang West Way

The beauty of a Bohemian-style interior lies in the layering of different textures and contrasting natural tones like wood and white with brighter shades. In this 5-room BTO, we designed the home with that principle in mind. The end results? An inviting home that feels cosy and welcoming.

The main entrance of this home opens up to a sprawling living and dining room area.  Our designer designed the space to include a dry kitchen with a fully functional induction stove over the island that is able to seat 4 people. As the dining area is in the same space as the living room, this layout makes it perfect to entertain guests!

The light wood flooring, arranged in a herringbone pattern is the highlight of the home. Against the softness of the wood-like flooring, the sage green cabinet gives the interior a nice contrast while adding warmth to the space. We also used brass handles on all the doors for that touch of metallic without overwhelming the design of the space. 

In keeping with the carefree style of a Bohemian Interior, we added open shelves for the homeowner to display decorative accessories that could lend a more organic finish to the home.

The living room was kept simple in muted shades of white and beige with no fixed furniture. This allows the homeowners to add more eclectic accessories without inundating the space. Taking the curtains to full height adds to the spaciousness of the living room, creating an impression of a taller ceiling.

A pendant light made of rattan hovering on what would be a dining table adds some natural textures to the home and the warmth of its glow in the night sets the space for a restful and comforting evening.

In the wet kitchen, we used the same shade of Sage Green that was used in the dry kitchen.  Designed in a galley style layout, the wet kitchen was built with Shaker’s style carpentry that adds classic and timeless sophistication. The highlight of this space is the backsplash that uses Kit Kat tiles in beige that imparts a nice texture to the interior without looking too cluttered due to its neutral shade.

The Kompacplus top was installed with a thick profile to emulate a butcher’s block which works amazingly well with Shaker’s style cabinet. We also installed an open shelf in the kitchen, so that the homeowners can display decorative things that could add more charm to the space. 

The floor plan of this home renovation is attached below and this renovation costs $51,000.

That’s all folks! Would you opt to split into a separate wet and dry kitchen or just have one combined? Do share with us your thoughts.