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A Dreamy 3-room BTO Apartment Featuring Bold Arches

When we think of a 3-room BTO apartment, we would often think of restrictive and confined spaces that would impose limitations on design. However, this unit in Woodleigh Link that we have recently completed proved that with proper planning, we could break the norm, and present a beautifully designed home regardless of its size. The layout of the living room is sleek and clean with linear and defined edges. When arches are introduced to the space, they became a focal point of the home. On top of that, the arches help to soften the space and also draw our eyes up to create an illusion of a higher ceiling.
We created two arches for the living room; one for the TV console and one for the built-in bench to go with the dining table. We also added downlights and wall scones to illuminate and create depth to the interior.  We further enhance the arches with a neutral tone of white and “greige” to create a clear definition of the curves.
Continuing with the arch theme, a mirror framed in brushed gold was installed on the opposite wall. The almost full-height mirror is great for the homeowners to see themselves before leaving home.  The vinyl flooring was placed parallel to the length of the living room to help elongate the space while the wood grain and beige tone helped warm up the home and make it cosy.
To further enhance the design of the home, we recommended a sofa with soft curves and also curtains in the shade of cream. Behind the living room is a playroom, and we created a half wall to allow natural light to stream into the space and brighten up the whole house.
With the kitchen, we worked with the same colour palette as the living room.  Using the shaker’s style cabinet, the kitchen has a farmhouse feel without being too traditional. We repeated the curves found in the living room by creating a softly rounded corner to the end cabinet.
We also added open shelves using wood laminate for the homeowners to style and inject a little of their personality into the space. The farmhouse sink and brass knobs further enhanced the look of the kitchen. For the cabinet doors, we added groove lines to emulate the look of a shiplap.
We have enclosed below 2D Layout of the home for your reference.
This has got to be one of our more popular post on our Instagram due to how it looks big even though it is a 3-room BTO. We especially love the design highlights in the living room, mainly, the half-wall playroom, arch mirror, and the bench seating cum storage space. What do you like most about this project?