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A Japanese Inspired Home in Eunos

When it comes to the Japanese interior, the first thing that would come to our mind is a clean and minimalistic design.  However, the aesthetics of a Japanese interior also lies in the usage of materials that are close to nature and are complemented with lots of natural light.

When we worked on the design of this 5-room HDB resale apartment in Eunos Road, we wanted to bring lots of nature into the space. We selected wood materials that have visible knots and grains to emulate the details that we see in nature. This was applied to the flooring as well as the carpentry works.

To allow the beauty of the wood to be the main focus of this home, we kept the colours of the wall and curtains muted in white. This also allows light to be reflected and helps keep the home bright.

The highlight of the home is probably the full-height bookshelf in the living room.  This bookshelf gives the homeowner a creative space to display their nice home accessories and books which could also inject a unique style into the interior. 

Beyond the aesthetics, and storage solution, this bookshelf also hides a door to the helper’s room. Seamless!  

The open-concept kitchen is anchored with a wide island, against a backdrop of a minimalistic kitchen cabinet. Working with the same concept of white and wood, the kitchen top uses sintered surface with marble veins that are not too excessive.  While the design of both marble veins and wood grains is opposing in nature, it works harmoniously and helps to showcase the more pronounced characteristics of each material.

The carpentry design was also kept simple with sleek lines and no door knobs

For the styling of this home, the homeowners added touches of green plants around the home to inject life, and tie in the theme of this home nicely. The organic shape of these plants also breaks the monotony of linear lines in carpentry.

Moving onto the bathroom segment of this beautiful home. 

In a design twist, the common bathroom was designed using pastel shades instead of wood tones. However, the wall tiles that were selected has an organic look, a design principle that we applied to the rest of the house. The random textures and tones of the tiles work amazingly well against the plain pink wall.

Our favourite part of the entire home has got to be either the open-concept kitchen or the hidden room design in the living room’s cabinets. 

Do let us know if you would implement these designs in your new home. Till the next article!