A Moody and Dramatic 2-Room BTO Apartment in Yishun 11

A Moody Theme and Functional 2-Room BTO Apartment in Yishun

Typically, when we design smaller apartments like a 2-room BTO unit, we will try to use light colours to create an impression of a bigger and more spacious home.  However, keeping the colours deep and dark gives the home a sophisticated vibe and creates something a little cosier.

For this 2-room unit at Yishun Street 31, our designer balances the dark tones with woodsy elements to inject warmth into the space. We also kept the floor in a lighter tone so that the home would still have elements to lighten up the space.

When you first enter the home, the entryway is clad with wood grain laminate which hides the bomb shelter, and a solid black fluted panel wall which hides the bathroom. The contrast of these materials set the tone for the rest of the home. For a little twist of whimsy, we used Peranakan tiles for the walkway to create a point of interest in the space. The living room is separated by a pocket sliding door which allows the homeowner the flexibility to keep it closed when the air conditioner is turned on, and yet with the clear glass, light could pass through and illuminate the entryway for a welcoming entrance.

Tucked behind the fluted wall panel is the common bathroom. The bathroom was designed with printed tiles for the floor and marble with fish scale tiles for the wall. This resulted in a more playful bathroom design. For a touch of class – gold accessories!

For the living room, the design was kept simple and focused on functionality as much as we did with the aesthetics. As the homeowner collects figurines, we created a display cabinet on the wall and added a tinted mirror that could be used when dressing up.

There is also a raised platform under the window lined with warm LED light to create a cosy ambience at night. The fluted panel from the entryway was taken all the way through to hide the bedroom door and create design continuity in the space.

For the TV area, we kept the design simple and uncluttered.  The floating shelf with open grooves allows the homeowners to tuck away electronic clutters while still being able to control the devices. We added gold inlays for the TV feature wall to tie in the gold elements around the house.

The master bedroom is hidden behind the fluted wall panel and was designed to inject a little more drama into the home.  The fluted panel headboard runs all the way up to the ceiling with recessed lighting creating depth and dimension in the room.

Due to the intimate size of the room, we installed a platform bed with storage space underneath.  This could be used to store things that are seldom used and free up the wardrobe space for highly accessed items.

For the kitchen, we used wood laminate for the carpentry for easy maintenance.  To tie in the black and wood vibes used throughout the house, the countertop was done in black with white marble veins.

Due to the lack of space, we created a drop-leaf table that can be tucked away when not in use for a more spacious kitchen.  The Peranakan backsplash was used to create rhythm in design and harmonise with the floor tiles from the entryway.  We also added a customised tile that the homeowner got from his travel and it was used as part of the backsplash.

This renovation costs $70,000 and we hope that this can give you some ideas on what to implement in your next dream home!

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