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A Spacious 5-room HDB Resale Apartment Decked in White

Pasir Ris Town is known for its generous-sized homes and when meticulously designed with proper space planning, this 1,324 sqft home appears more massive.  The 5-room HDB Resale apartment has three bedrooms and a good-sized study room. To create an open-concept layout, we tore down the walls of one of the other bedrooms to make space for the TV area and used the other half of the room as a walk-in wardrobe.

Living Room

As the home was designed in mostly white tones, we added visual interest using textures, like the shiplap feature on the TV console, and wood laminate with gentle grains. On top of that, to create a seamless home, a false ceiling was installed to hide all trunkings and pipes. The downlights, in warm white, illuminate the space impeccably while creating a nice and cosy ambience to the home.

We also removed the wall from the master bedroom and pushed it back to align with the kitchen wall. This opens up the kitchen entryway, creating a brighter kitchen and a more open space. While there was no clear service yard area in the original plan, we designed the cabinet layout to create a specific area for the laundry and the kitchen. 


The kitchen uses the same laminates that were used in the living room.  The design of the kitchen carpentry was kept simple with no door handles and maintains the clean lines that were seen in the living room. The minimalist look grants the homeowner the opportunity to use a statement piece for the countertop. We chose the marbled pattern countertop from Kompacplus for its luxe finish. We also ensured that the homeowner has a good mix of shelvings and drawers so that they have the flexibility to utilise the storage spaces for their different needs.


The master bedroom is a combination of the original master bedroom plus half of the common room. This change of layout creates a space for the homeowners to have a walk-in wardrobe that can be accessed straight from the bathroom. The bedroom design was also kept simple, for that uncluttered finish. The walk-in wardrobe has quite a generous space and was built with drawer space, a display case, shelves for bags and ample rod space to hang clothes. The walk-in wardrobe has windows to allow natural light in and makes it a perfect space for the homeowner to dress up.


For this project, the bathrooms were designed with unique materials. Instead of wall tiles, High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) were used to create a more seamless wall with no grouting.  HPL are waterproof and extremely easy to maintain.

We have also included the 2D layout of the floorplan, showcasing the structural changes made to the home.

In conclusion, we really loved how the white tones and open concept worked out nicely in this spacious home. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did designing it!