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Fun Facts: How Different Colours in the Room Can Transform Your Home

Apart from aesthetic purposes, colours could also have an indirect impact on our mood. 

We hope that this article would provide you with some useful knowledge and make it a little more fun when it comes to choosing the colour palette for your home. Here are our findings for these six different colours:


White is one of the most common colour choices for homes. While white is classic and easy to match, it can be pretty daunting to maintain in areas with a lot of moisture and grease; like the bathrooms and the kitchen. However, white has a stress-reducing effect due to its clean and pure characteristics. Thus, it would be the perfect shade for your home to keep you relaxed and calm. It is also good to know that white is timeless and would match any updates you would do to your home.


The colour blue is always pleasant to the eyes! Research shows that blue helps to clear your mind and makes you feel soothed and calm. This year, we have worked on a number of projects that uses blue for kitchen carpentry. This made perfect sense since it could get quite hectic in the kitchen, and using the colour blue, could help calm anyone using the kitchen. While there are many different shades of blue, we noticed that many prefer the softness of frost or powder blue which is similar to our showroom and to the image above. Another popular blue would be navy blue mixed with hints of white.


Grey is always a popular and trendy colour among the younger generation these days. Sitting in between the darkness of black and the lightness of white, grey is the perfect neutral to complement the furniture in the house. While too much grey has the ability to make one feel gloomy, when styled correctly with complementing furniture and colours, it can make the home very cosy. It would be a good idea to add green plants or colourful blooms to inject life into a grey home. Overall, we are team grey!


Using black in interior design is not new in this market. It emboldens elegance in a home and works perfectly for luxe-themed design (think black marble with gold accents). We usually recommend using black for carpentry like the walk-in wardrobe, countertops and even wall tiles or platform beds Just remember to add a touch of metallic elements like gold or brass to tone down an overwhelmingly gloomy outlook and add a touch of class in the space.


Greens are a lovely addition to the home. Laminates such as sage green like the kitchen cabinet seen in the picture above are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners these days. Green is a colour that is associated closely with nature, harmony and peace and thus, makes an extremely welcoming sight when used in a home. However, we do exercise control when using green as too much of it can appear tacky. Thus, it is always a good idea to mix in a few wood tones and elements to balance out the look.


Red is a beautiful bold colour that is not often seen in our local homes. However, if used correctly, it can bring out the vibrance in the room. If you do not want it to be as intense, use red on one wall, just a feature and keep the rest of the space muted in white, or nude tones. Red colour theme walls are known to whip up an appetite and would best fit in the dining room if you decide to go with it for your home.

Do let us know if these tips were helpful to you. Till the next article!