Landed Property with a Bright and Airy Scandinavian Interior

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Landed Property with a Bright and Airy Scandinavian Interior

When we think of a Scandinavian Interior, light colours, blended textures and functional furniture will come to mind. We then applied this design principle on this landed property in Jalan Gumilang and achieved a home that is not only bright and airy but also highly functional.

When you first enter the home, you will be greeted by the spacious living room that has a full-height TV feature wall in wood laminate. As the home has an open-concept design, a sectional sofa as wide as the TV feature wall was used to demarcate the living room area. The colour scheme of wood and white with a touch of grey sets the tone for the rest of the house.

The bright kitchen, which made full use of the natural light coming from the full-height sliding doors has a mix of wood and white with a touch of marble.  The big island placed in between the kitchen and the dining table is a perfect spot to entertain friends when the homeowner prepares food. The functional island can also be used as a breakfast table and additional prep space while providing extra storage under it. Talk about multi-purpose carpentry!

The kitchen did away with the upper cabinet, and instead, the homeowner opted for open shelves that are perfect for home styling and displaying dinner wares for that touch of a farmhouse look.

The wood laminate that we used in the kitchen was the same wood that was applied on the TV feature wall for design fluidity.

The 8-seater dining table sits across the other end of the kitchen, giving the homeowner (and guests) a full view of the beautiful kitchen. Using fabric-like material for the dining chairs, gives the kitchen a softer texture and makes the dining space looks inviting and cosy.

Now, where is the bathroom on level one of this landed property? Tucked on one side between the living room and the kitchen is a wall clad in the wood where the common bathroom is hidden.

The wooden door opens up to a grey and wood bathroom that uses mixed textures like terrazzo and timbre-like tiles to create an interesting guest bathroom that is also easy to maintain. While the bathroom is modest in size, it still comes complete with a vanity area for storage.

The second floor of this property houses two bedrooms, a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and another common bathroom.

When you first enter the master bedroom, you will be greeted with a spacious wardrobe space with clear glass doors and an island right in the centre.  The wardrobe has all possible configurations like hanging rods, drawers and shelves for the homeowner to store almost anything and everything that they own.

We included LED strip light in the wardrobe so that the homeowners are able to see their clothes, dresses, and bags easily without the need to open the glass doors.

Flanking the right side of the room is a King-sized platform bed that comes complete with a customised accent wall, and side tables. This sleek and minimalistic design with ambience and reading lights keeps the bed space neat and tidy. 

The highlight of this master bedroom is probably the ensuite bathroom. From the bedroom, you would be able to see a luxurious standalone bathtub against the marble wall. The bathroom comes with a shower area and a long vanity with natural light for the homeowner to dress up. We wanted to give the homeowners a spa-like vibe in their master bathroom and designed it with full bathroom amenities.

To keep the design simple and uncluttered, we went with the rectangular grid-style layout for the timbre-like tiles which also helped to elongate the look of the bathroom. The vanity has an open shelf under it for homeowners to place their toiletries in the basket.

Heading outside the master bedroom, you will also see another common bathroom for the second floor. Using the same design scheme as the common bathroom on level one, we used a mix of terrazzo tiles as well as timbre-like tiles for the common bathroom.

As this bathroom is spacious, we were able to include a good-sized vanity and also a mirror with storage space. To maximise the storage space, the mirror cabinet was extended beyond the vanity and made full use of the wall space above the wall-hung water closet.

With that, we concluded the renovation works that were done to this landed property in Jalan Gumilang. The bright and light colour palette works extremely well in this already spacious home.

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