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Modern Luxe 2-room BTO Apartment in Bukit Batok

This 37sqm (398sqft) 2-room BTO Apartment in Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 was designed with an open concept layout so that the home appears spacious and bright.  The neutral, yet luxurious colour palette of white and gold/brass, complemented with sintered stone marble top and backsplash, gives this home a touch of sophistication and elegance.


The kitchen cabinet was designed with Shaker’s Style doors, and gold knobs.  The muted tone of the white cabinet with its clean lines, allowed the fluid veins of the marble to stand out and be the main feature in the space. The final accessory, in the form of a farmhouse sink, completes the kitchen’s look nicely!

This 2-bedroom unit has the living room as a combined space with the master bedroom.  The wardrobe with the louvred doors occupies a majority of the wall perimeter. The slats are not only functional to allow air to pass through and discourage mildew, but aesthetically, it also adds a nice charm to the home. As an added detailing, the lower third of the wardrobe is dressed with mouldings.

Living Room

We also added a bench bay window seating as additional seats and storage space.  Due to the lack of wall space, we created a revolving panel that holds a mirror on one side and a TV on the other.  This unique design gives the homeowner the flexibility to utilise the TV during her private time in her bedroom and also while entertaining family and friends have the TV face the living room.

This is the floor plan layout of the 2-bedroom BTO unit for the project above. 

Even though the space is limited, it still turns out to be bright and airy. What are your thoughts about this project? Do share with us!