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A Monochromatic 4-room Bedder Condominium in Ang Mo Kio

When it comes to an interior design that is timeless and yet striking, a monochromatic space is probably one of the first that will come to mind.  In this 4-Bedder condominium, we would take you on a journey in black and white and how space planning helps to ensure that there is space for everything and everyone.

Living Room & Kitchen

Our Interior Designer (ID), first began opening up the space by removing the walls that separate the kitchen and the living room. This allows natural light from the balcony and kitchen to illuminate the entire home, and also makes the house appear spacious. We also used the same floor tiles throughout the house for a more consistent look.

Maximising the perimeters of the walls, we are able to provide ample storage space in the kitchen with build-up cabinets. There is also an island and a pantry with counter space in the dining area. We went with a minimalistic design for the cabinet with no hardware. This keeps the space sleek and modern. The countertop and backsplash are clad with Kompacplus in black and the contrast gives the kitchen depth.

The living room has more built-in cabinets in the TV area and was also designed to include a study area. The study desks are hidden behind doors that can be folded and tucked into a pocket for an uncluttered look.


The children’s bedrooms were designed to include wardrobe space, a study table and a bed.  With proper space planning, we were able to fulfil this requirement from the homeowners. Keeping to the same neutral shades of black, white and grey, these rooms still appear bright and airy.

While the design of the bedrooms bears similar aesthetics, we have used different laminates to differentiate the spaces. We also mixed solid laminates with textured (wood grain, and screeded look laminates) to inject a little visual interest in the space.   

In one of the kid’s bedrooms, we designed the space with soft pastel shades of grey and pink. The touch of pink is refreshing and still worked extremely well with the rest of the home.  

Master bedroom

With the master bedroom, we went with a darker design so that the interior appears cosy and more luxe. The masculinity of dark wood contrasted with the white walls, and the wood grains lend a nice texture to the space. The wardrobe is attached to a platform bed with more storage space.

As we would like the bedroom design to flow, the side tables were also customised in the same laminate shade. The headboard, being the feature in the master bedroom uses a different laminate and groove lines were added to keep the design interesting.


The bathrooms in this unit are spacious. For the Master Bathroom, we were able to fit in a bathtub, as well as a standing shower. Using the same marble-looking tiles, in 6000 x 6000mm, minimises grouting, giving a cleaner finish to the bathrooms.

3D, Floorplan & Full Video Home Tour

Now, let us share the 3D design proposal for this project.  We have also included the 2D layout of the space as well as the video of the house tour.

We hope you have enjoyed this house tour!

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