Rejuvenating a Dingy 4-Room HDB Resale Apartment in Pasir Ris Drive 1


In the heart of Pasir Ris Drive 1, a remarkable transformation took place within the confines of a once dingy 4-room HDB resale apartment. With a budget of $65,000, this apartment underwent a renovation that breathed new life into this 114 sqm space. The end result? An open-concept living space that exudes brightness, airiness, and modernity. Today, we explore the fascinating journey of rejuvenating this apartment, highlighting the key design choices that contributed to its stunning makeover.


As you step inside, your eyes are drawn to the inviting dining area, designed to accommodate four people comfortably. The spacious layout ensures ample walk-around space, while a carefully installed false ceiling conceals unsightly wire trunkings, contributing to a sleek and minimalistic ambience.



Adjacent to the dining area lies the chic living room. To eliminate clutter and achieve a polished look, a false wall was erected to conceal wires from the TV and AV system. A long, linear TV console with open grilles discreetly houses electronic devices, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.



The kitchen stands out as the focal point of this renovation project. Separated from the living room by a peninsula, this functional and stylish kitchen boasts a modern design that prioritizes ease of maintenance. The absence of upper cabinets contributes to a spacious and uncluttered feel.


Marbled subway tiles, installed vertically for an illusion of height, add a touch of luxury. Shaker-style cabinets with brass handles introduce a tasteful, upscale detail, while a concealed false ceiling neatly hides gas, water pipes, and electrical wiring.


The soft color palette and light wood flooring create a warm and inviting atmosphere, enhanced by the addition of a laundry area for added convenience.





The bathrooms received a complete overhaul, featuring new tiles and accessories. In the common bathroom, terrazzo and solid grey tiles provide a modern, contemporary look, complemented by black accessories for depth and detail.


The master bathroom, on the other hand, adopts a different aesthetic with neutral shades of beige and taupe, accentuated by gold accessories for a warm and cozy ambiance. A wider speckled terrazzo tile on the wall adds a whimsical touch to the design.




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