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Renovation Things that are Normally Overlooked (Bathroom Edition)!

Previously, we shared with you how some factors during kitchen renovation are commonly overlooked by most homeowners. Today, we share with you the same things that are helpful in the long run if set in stone, but in bathrooms! (These are just additional tips apart from the usual renovation advices)

Space Planning

It sounds obvious, but this is a really important step! As the bathroom is normally limited in size, space planning becomes essential to ensure that the aesthetics support the function of the space. Space planning spans from layout plans such as your preference for the sink to be outside or inside the actual washroom (if it is permitted) or if you would like to have a bathtub instead of a standing shower. It can also include minute design plans such as where are you going to place your towel rods and hooks to ensure that they can be kept dry, while still within reachable distance from the shower area.

There are also different options available for water closet; two-piece, one-piece and wall-hung toilet bowls. On top of these different models, there are also different sizes for you to consider and ensure that the space between the water closets and the opposite wall is comfortable enough when you are on your bathroom breaks.

If you decide to do any drastic changes, you should check whether the MCST [mainly for Condo properties] or the HDB renovation guidelines would approve the changes you are making. An experienced Interior Designer would also be able to guide you along to ensure that the bathroom is renovated within the approved guidelines.


When it comes to bathroom flooring, always focus on safety first, and then the aesthetics. Not all tiles are made equal, and for that matter, not all tiles are safe to be used in wet areas. Bathroom tiles need to be anti-slip, and usually have an R-value between 9 and 13. The higher the R-value, the rougher the texture of the tile is, and the safer it is to be used for the bathrooms. Tile shops like Hafary, and Lian Seng Hin would normally section their tiles based on the space that it can be used for at home, but if you found something that is not in the bathroom section, you can always ask the salesperson for the R-value to see if it is suitable to be used in the bathroom.

In terms of aesthetics, a bigger tile (think 600mm x 600mm) would create an impression of a bigger space. Plus, there will be fewer grout lines which makes maintenance a breeze. However, the tiles need to be installed right with a slight slope to ensure that the water will drain out into the floor trap easily. Alternatively, the highly popular 600mm x 300mm tiles would be a perfect choice as they can also help to visually elongate the bathroom space.

Shower Storage

What separates an ordinary bathroom from one that is swoon-worthy? Probably something as simple as a shower niche to house your toiletries neatly. While a shower niche would come at a cost, it is also an opportune time to hide toilet pipes for the shower and tap behind it. This would give you a bathroom that looks sleek with minimal visible water pipes, and akin to one that you would see in a boutique hotel.

Of course, to complete the look, we highly recommend that you use aesthetically beautiful bottles to house your soap and shampoos!

Patterns & Textures

While the saying is cliché for some, we always believe that simplicity is always timeless. Choosing flashier textured walls may be tempting for some as it is trending. However, we find that choosing simpler tiles for your walls will be a good investment if you are intending to stay at your home for a long time. We would recommend perhaps having only one side of the wall to have features or a half-wall feature if you would like a more striking design!

Proper Ventilation

You wouldn’t want a bathroom that feels stuffy and stale all the time. While most, if not all property types require at least one ventilation window to help circulate air, in some bathrooms, this one window may not be completely adequate. The lack of ventilation may cause issues like mould and mildew which not only would damage things like the exposed ceiling, but also affect your health.

Thus, it may be a good idea to install a ventilation fan at the window to help circulate the air better, keeping your bathroom well-ventilated and dry.

Cabinets & Shelvings

Storage space in the bathroom can be a challenge in properties like the HDB due to space constraints. Thus, customising vanity cabinets to maximise the longest possible length would not only conceal any unsightly piping, but it is also perfect for storing your bathroom necessities such as toilet paper and extra toiletries.

To increase more storage space, consider having mirrors that function as storage units behind it too!


If you find that your bathrooms are small, here are some tips we find helpful to “enlarge” the space. We recommend using neutral colours and similar shades to ensure uniformity and to open up the area. We would also suggest using a bigger mirror so that more of the space is reflected, making it look bigger in general. Lastly, consider installing more lights like an LED strip on the vanity, or the mirror, in your bathroom so that the space will be more inviting.

We hope that these tips can help ease your renovation journey. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us so that we may assist you.