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Renovation Things that are Normally Overlooked (Kitchen Edition)!

Dark Wood Kitchen

Renovation can be a daunting journey for many, especially first-time homeowners. Fret not! We are here to remind you of some things that are typically missed out but are helpful in the long run if set in stone. (These are just additional tips apart from the usual renovation advice)


Have you ever been to an Interior Design firm and been overwhelmed by the wide array of laminates that are available for selection? There are solid colour laminates, matt, and glossy laminates, and textured laminates that could emulate wood, cement and even leather. If you are a heavy kitchen user, you would be happy to know that there are even anti-fingerprint laminates that keep the kitchen looking pristine all the time.

If you prefer a low-maintenance kitchen, you can consider matte finish laminates or wood grain designs that do not show oils and fingerprints as much as glossy or solid colour laminate does. However, solid colour laminates would be perfect if you want a minimalistic kitchen that looks spacious and uncluttered. Choosing laminates that are in deep and dark tones would give the kitchen a luxe feel while light-coloured laminates often make the kitchen appear bigger as it has the ability to reflect light.


Another mind-boggling material selection process would probably be the countertops. You would have probably seen popular materials like Quartz, Granite, Kompacplus, Marble or Sintered Stone being widely used in the kitchen. How do you decide which would work best for you? That is where we are here to help!

Amongst the materials mentioned above, we would recommend Quartz, Sintered Stone or Kompacplus. Now let us break down the differences – Quartz has been wildly popular in recent years for its wide selection of designs with some emulating the characteristics of natural stones. They are also known to be a hardy material that does not stain or scratch easily and has the ability to withstand high heat. However, Sintered Stone has also gained popularity due to its more natural stone finish, and durability. Sintered Stone is capable of withstanding heat above 250°C while Quartz could only handle temperatures of up to 100°C. The drawback for Sintered Stone? The price point. Sintered Stone is pricier, but with its durability, you probably do not have to worry much about damaging your countertop for many years to come.

On the other hand, if you like wood finish countertops, you could consider Kompacplus. Possessing similar capabilities as Quartz, this would be your go-to material if you prefer to have a wood finish for your kitchen top. 


One of the mistakes that a typical homeowner makes is not opting for enough power points in the kitchen. With more kitchen appliances innovations requiring the use of power points more permanently such as your water dispenser or Thermomix, we strongly recommend you to install and plan for additional points as other kitchen appliances like the blender, rice cooker, or mixers also require it.

In terms of aesthetics, we also recommend that power points be placed lower, towards the countertop. This will hide unsightly wires and give your backsplash a clean finish.


Cabinet configurations is important especially if you require a lot of storage space. Ensure that you have enough shelves and drawer space to store away things so that the kitchen will appear uncluttered. Always sit down with your Interior Designer to tell them what you have in your kitchen and how you intend to store them.

One smart solution is to opt for drawers supported by Blum hinges to store your pots and pans. This would allow you to access all your items without the need to remove anything in the front like you would when you store things on shelves. It will also be a good idea to have some open shelves to not only display decorative pieces for an inviting kitchen but also allow homeowners to access frequently used item easily.

We hope that these tips are able to help out your renovation journey. If you have any questions, feel free to message us on our social media platforms! Till the next article. Cheers.

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