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Tidplus Design Joo Chiat Showroom Revamp

Our Joo Chiat showroom has not been renovated in the last 4 years, and this year, to commemorate our 19th birthday, we decided to refresh and revamp our showroom!

Newly revamped exterior of our Joo Chiat Showroom. Who else remembers the old grey theme before this?

The cake-cutting ceremony for Tidplus Design’s 19th Anniversary Birthday Event

We decided to give it a brand-new look, incorporating new materials, and the latest trends, while still injecting the design style that is synonymous with our brand. In this blog post, we also share with you what materials were used and their respective brands.

Main entrance and Living room area

When you first enter our Joo Chiat showroom, you would be greeted by the double-volume ceiling. As the living room is the very first space that would greet our guests, we also knew we wanted a unique sofa to anchor the area.

Flanking the right wall is a TV console with closed storage and display shelves. We also added sliding doors that would grant you flexibility to hide the TV or the display shelves as seen in the pictures above. We try to further create interest to the design by doing it with decorative panels like the fluted doors, or groove lines.

To further complete the look, we saw Castlery’s Marlow Collection and we knew we found the sofa that would complement our newly designed showroom perfectly! This sofa helped to soften the look and is the epitome of form meeting function – it is soft, and yet has a good amount of firmness for support.

The kitchen peninsular is then extended to the dining table and in turn, becomes the perfect space to host guests.

We also wanted an armchair to complete the look and their Sacha Performance Boucle Armchair with its sculptural shape and soft curves did just that. We highly recommend you consider this series as it is wide but still stylish and comfortable. Being low-slung, this is a perfect chair to be used in a living or reading room due to its high comfort level.

On the left wall, we have an indoor garden under the staircase to give the showroom a more organic feel.

Study Room

Moving onto the next part of the space, the study area.

We designed one in our Joo Chiat showroom that has open shelves that could display books and accessories, while also incorporating drawers to stow away knick knacks. The LED strips help to illuminate the shelf, lending a nice ambience to the display and creating a nice and soothing vibe at the discussion area.

If you are an avid reader, and have tonnes of books, why not consider and full-height bookshelf similar to the design above?

Discussion Area/Long Island

Opposite the shelving shown above, we have a long island to host our clients/conduct meetings and also for extra storage space. Using the same colour palette ensures uniformity and adheres to overall theme.

For our long island used here, we used the Bellus Gardenia series – Tuscany Travertine Nat.

Master Bedroom

Further in, we have the Master Bedroom area and it is one of the main highlights of our new showroom. Designed to emulate the layout of an apartment, it comes with a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom (both behind the concealed doors).

The Master Bedroom was designed with soft curves, highlighting the modern luxe vibes with the use of neutral shades, and brass/gold. The warmth of wood and creams and browns also worked harmoniously together to give you a bedroom that turned out so inviting that you would probably not be envious of hotel stays!

To finish off with a cozy look, our Design Director used soft curves at the bedhead. The headboard was designed using boucle fabric, and floral wallpaper from Wall Hub Singapore. The graceful print on the wallpaper picks up the soft dreamy fabric detailing while contrasting the vertical lines creating a nice juxtaposition to the overall design.

We also swapped out our previous mild-steel folding windows with louvred ones, the change gives the space a little more character, a bit more farmhouse luxe vibe, and intricate detailing.

Walk-in Wardrobe

For the walk-in wardrobe, we understand that many of us yearn for an open-concept wardrobe but do not wish to deal with the dusts. Our answer to this dilemma? Glass doors with LED light on the inside to illuminate the wardrobe.

We have a few features for our walk-in wardrobe, with the first being the pull-out vanity! This option not only stow away the mirror, but also provide additional space to conceal your skincare and cosmetic products.
Secondly, similar to the point we made above, having an integrated door helps keep the space looking sleek while exuding sophistication and simplicity.

The third feature would be the drawer organizer. In keeping with our sleek and elegant narrative, this function allows us to organise watches, jewellery and accessories in one place. With the clear glass top, glancing and selecting the accessories is a breeze alongside the modular tray system organiser.


Moving on, this is the brand-new revamped kitchen at our Joo Chiat showroom.

Typically, when we are thinking of using brown tones, we would lean towards woodgrain design instead of solid colours. However, we wanted to showcase the beauty of solid brown when used with brass and gold as it could give the kitchen a warm, and luxe feel.

We also went with Shaker’s Style cabinet for the space. Instead of using a thick trimming, we designed the cabinet doors with a slimmer frame to keep the look modern, and sleek! For the cabinet laminate, we used Lamitak’s Oyster. As for the backsplash, we used a gardenia slab, a sintered surface – Tuscany Travertine Luxe.


Last but not least, the bathroom of our showroom.

The bathroom is well concealed and seamlessly flushed with the walk-in wardrobe.

We especially the love how textured but seamless the bathroom look. The gorgeous limestone pattern on the wall and floor tiles from Hafary complements the terrazzo design of the vanity and integrated sink.

In order to achieve a harmonious looking bathroom that feels elegant and luxe, we did an integrated sink concept. We used the same stone from Cosentino Asia for the countertop and the sink. The warm tone and organic design lend a cosy finish to the bathroom. The end results – the vanity area now looks like a design out of a five-star hotel.

The niche above the toilet bowl and shower area gives off an expensive vibe while maintaining its functionality of being able to place vital items such as extra toilet paper and soap.

…. And that brings us to the end of the showroom tour!

In conclusion, when we first imagine the Joo Chiat showroom revamp, we knew we wanted the space to feel modern, luxurious, and at the same time cosy and welcoming. We believe that we managed to encompass it in our overall design and we really loved how the entire look turned out. Hopefully, you do so too!

If you would like to take a look at our newly revamped showroom or would like to have a non-obligated, complimentary one-on-one consultation with our IDs, do schedule an appointment with us via Whatsapp (+8786 1132) or click the icon on the lower right side of the page / DM us on Instagram at @tidplus_design or simply click here.

Till the next article.