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Tidplus Design Serangoon Showroom Revamp

Today, we are excited to showcase to you our Serangoon Showroom and its revamp.

(Pssst. Prefer a more interactive virtual tour? Click here for the experience.)

What we wish to be embodied in the showroom was to showcase Tidplus Design’s branding and also to make the overall space roomier. These changes are to ensure that our clients will feel more comfortable when they are visiting. It doesn’t hurt that they are able to upfront witness our works!

Let’s start! Who else remembers our old showroom?

Here is how it looks right now: 

This is what the main entrance looks like when you first enter. Designed by our Design Director, and is dedicated to the pioneering team who have painstakingly started this business and allowed a generation of new designers to take the company to where it is today. It has a completely different vibe compared to our Joo Chiat showroom.

One of the more popular questions we get is the colour used in our showroom cabinets. We used Frost by Lamitak, it created a bright and dreamy feel which our clients really enjoyed when they visited!

Next on, we move on to the appliances we used to complement the design.

First up, featuring this gorgeous countertop, Tidplus Design used Dekton by Cosentino.

We selected Helena from the Dekton collection. This polished Mineral Top – Quartz is glossy and has extremely delicate marbling which was inspired by Onyx natural stone. The gentle movements of white and greys in the stone made it perfect for our showroom as it complements the pastel hues well.

Our preference for countertops had to be slim and cohesive. Dekton’s top has an added bonus, which is that it is stain resistant!

Onto a portion that really brightens up the look in the space (quite literally!). Tidplus Design used Like Lights by GuerillaX.

Lightings is one of the most important aspects of design consideration. In our space, where the view is open, the lighting not only function to luminate our showroom, but also provide an artistic visual to the interior.

Here, we selected two identical chandeliers and have it installed like a reflection to the other. We selected this chandelier because of the soft curves that contrast nicely with the rigid lines of the shaker style cabinets. We went with black finishing instead or gold so that the light stands out, but also because of the skinny profile of the metal works, the sculptural look works harmoniously with the rest of the design.

Made of fluted glass, this slider door is a perfect blend for the Modern Victorian look. It segregates our Interior Designers office space and makes the space neat. We would suggest decorating the area with some greenery like what we did to make the place look extra snazzy.

Our showroom embodied realistic functionalities to showcase how the actual house could look like if they used a similar design. As one of the more daunting tasks during renovation would be purchasing suitable accessories to suit the overall look of the home, we would highly recommend purchasing all of them from one place such as Bertazzoni or Lucky Khoon if you can.

For this revamp, we love how the vintage details on the oven with its classic knobs and handle embodies the look of a transitional kitchen like our showroom extremely well. We went with the ivory and copper design, as it contrasted well against our powder blue carpentry.

Moving onto the walkway to the bathroom, we added Vwalla’s Shiplap Wall Panels.

The crisp line of the wall panels creates a modern farmhouse feel to the space while balancing the freeform terrazzo floor tiles and wall paper. The addition of the wall panels creates a nice break from the terrazzo details and creates an impression of a lighter and fresher interior.

Last but not least, we move on to the bathroom area, check out the pretty wallpaper installed by Hello Circus.

We love how the gorgeous vintage flower wallpaper (Tilda Vintage Flowers) dressed the white walls beautifully and worked harmoniously with the arched door and entrances. The matte finish looks luxurious and the pastel, almost washed-out look creates a calming ambience in our space.

Like the transitional style of the shaker cabinets, we have learned to grow and adapt to new trends, bringing an up-to-date design to our clients. We also went with a different design direction as compared to our usual style. We played with colours, donning the cabinet with frosty blue laminate and the softness of apple green on the backsplash.

We really hope that our overall design in both showrooms is an inspiration to our clients just as how we are always inspired by their ideas.

All uploaded images are creations of Tidplus Design.