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Tips for a Low Maintenance Kitchen

An aesthetically pleasing kitchen will be easy on the eyes; however, a well-designed kitchen would greatly add value to our fast-paced lives.  Today, we share with you tips on how to get the best of both worlds!

First and foremost, always consider your flow in the kitchen. This is where we practice the work triangle and placements between the refrigerator, sink and cooking appliances/stove since it will make moving around a lot easier and reduce the number of potential issues (think spills or even crowding). Here is a sample of what the work triangle looks like.

Secondly, as much as the thought of open shelves cabinets and the potential decorative items they can display is very attractive, we would recommend you choose closed shelves cabinets if you wish to opt for a lower-maintenance kitchen. Closed shelves drawers are great at hiding clutter and also keep the area dust free!

Moving on but still, on the topic of cabinets, we believe that the choice of laminates or colour of the cabinets plays a part in easy maintenance of the overall kitchen. Consider matte finish laminates or wood grain designs that do not show oils and fingerprints as much as glossy or solid colour laminate does. Furthermore, try opting for colours such as grey or taupe which are still as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

We’d also recommend going for cabinets with plain flat surfaces to make cleaning more fuss-free as styles such as the shaker-style cabinets will require more upkeep and more time consumed to clean the frames as a little more specks of dust will be accumulated due to their intricate design.

Backsplashes are a great way to spruce up an otherwise plain-looking kitchen. However, if you want a kitchen that is easy to maintain, consider going for backsplashes that come as one big material. For example, a sintered stone backsplash instead of a tiled backsplash. This is because backsplashes that come in pieces with a lot of grouting make cleaning more tedious as you have to scrub in between the grout as well.

Lastly, the flooring also plays a part in the maintenance of the kitchen space. We would highly recommend matte tiles for easy cleaning as glossy tiles tend to make oil patches a lot more obvious. Also similarly, we will recommend choosing large tiles instead of smaller tiles so that there is lesser grouting to be scrubbed.

We hope that these tips will be able to help you in your planning for your new kitchen space. What else would you like to find out? Let us know!