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Top 10 Most Liked Posts on Tidplus Design Instagram

Lacking inspiration for your renovation journey? Fret not! Take a look at our top ten most liked posts as chosen by our Instagram followers, and refresh your palette. We hope you are able to takeaway a few practical points from our interior design catalogue which you think suits you best.

Starting from number 10 on our list, we were going for the open concept look in this beautiful home. The balcony door was removed, making the living room one big space, perfect for entertaining. To further enhance spaciousness of the home, the walls were painted white. The bright and light colour gives off the illusion of a larger, less cluttered room.

On the ninth most liked post, the galley style kitchen with sage colour carpentry is so easy on the eyes. Using glass allows more light to permeate through from the service yard, making the space super bright and airy! Also, leaving one side with open shelf instead of an upper cabinet, allows the homeowner to style their home uniquely to their personality, and also an option to access to frequently used dishes.

Coming in strong at number eight, we showcase this beautiful woody, white and black combination toned kitchen. The square tiles, which used to be a very popular feature back in the 90s have been making a comeback after subway tiles seem to flood the market. Classic, and yet super versatile, these square tiles would work in modern, contemporary, vintage or industrial homes!

One of our personal favourite projects. We love anything functional and stylish. Consider having a sink outside the toilet, while incorporating a space for washing machine beside it. This wet area improves function by having additional counter top space to place the toiletries on top of the washing machine. This beautiful practical arrangement gives off a neat and uniform look while being easy on the eyes.

Featuring one of our projects that was completed with much effort due to Circuit Breaker. To avoid the home looking clinical white, the homeowner decided to put a lovely wallpaper to complement and brighten the entire look of the house while still retaining the chic factor. Adding on to the practicality of the place, a glass door was installed so that the oil and grime gets kept in while cooking but the owner is still able to see what is going on outside.

This is the second proposal that we had for one of our client’s home revamp. The homeowner wanted something special. Keeping in mind that the client lifestyle and preferences, we suggested to convert the unused room to become a balcony, which is a rarity for 4 room flat. Using deck flooring, this area can be used during a relaxing afternoon for a Netflix session while enjoying the breeze.

Another super homely and cosy look in the top ten. The star of the show would be the fixed glass with thin black frame which is extremely sleek. Similar to the other designs above, it keeps the kitchen enclosed but allow light to permeate through to keep the interior bright and spacious. Accompanied by wooden furniture, it brings the entire outlook of the house together.  

Top three! We feature a unique bedroom set up. The flow from the wardrobe to the chest of drawer, which double up as a headboard provide the room with many functional spaces. Keeping everything in muted tones, the punch of yellow from the pendant light creates an interesting contrast to this master bedroom. We suppose this Instagram post is so popular because it reflects a practical space while emulating a warm and comforting vibe, which many people would like to come home to.

The gorgeous landed property’s living room has a view that is extended out into the yard. We kept the look linear to emphasize the length of the space. The sofa length mirrors the length of the TV console for a symmetrical finish. We kept the overall palette in a cool grey woody tone to really highlight the coziness of the place.

Lastly, number one on the list! One of the things that we love to see is how our clients transform a blank canvas into a home that is truly theirs. This monotonous project, in neutral shades of black, white and grey is really calming and cosy, accompanied by the right furniture such as the beanbag and massage chair to really complete the look. For the finishing touch, it was to add a pop of colour so that it does not look so dull, the homeowners placed a plant that really enhanced the vibrancy of the apartment.

All uploaded images are creations of Tidplus Design.