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Top 10 of Tidplus Design’s Most Liked Instagram Posts 2022

It is the end of yet another wonderful year. As we conclude the year, allow us to share with you which projects you really enjoyed and were the top ten most liked! Let’s start off with two honourable mentions that were a close fight with the other posts.

Honourable Mention 1:
Property Type: 4-Room BTO, Sengkang West Way
Likes: 781

Working with a Bohemian Style design, this home is decked with interesting patterns, colours and textures. The herringbone vinyl flooring sets the design tone for the home with its bold pattern, while the sage green cabinets bring about a nice contrast to the neutral tones that dominate this home. We have also previously written an article on this lovely project! Check it out here.

Honourable Mention 2:
Property Type: 5-Room Resale HDB, Bedok Reservoir
Likes: 746

We utilise a British Colonial theme for this big home. This can be seen from the design elements such as the checker balcony floor and plain white walls. This home exudes a wonderfully cosy, inviting, and warm vibe with the colour scheme and through the use of the beautifully chosen wood and rattan furniture.

Now moving on to the actual top 10 posts.

Number 10: 2-Room BTO at Bukit Batok

Likes: 817

This year, we see a huge increase in using shaker-style cabinets, especially in kitchens. A classic choice would always be white and gold such as the one above. The clean lines and that touch of gold balance the look of a clinical white kitchen and the warmth of a luxe interior. Here’s a comparison of the 3D rendering and the actual turnout of the project below!

No. 9: 4 Room BTO at Bedok Reservoir

Likes: 830

Another beautiful shaker-style design. This lovely kitchen encompasses the vibes of a modern farmhouse with the use of a shaker’s style cabinet and open storage on the island. Using a majority of the white palette, the space appears bright and airy while still retaining that cosy vibe with the addition of wood and gold. Additionally, we also love how the owner paired their rattan furniture and colour-coordinated her kitchen appliances with the entire look.

Number 8: 5 Room Resale at Jurong West

Likes: 845

First and foremost, who doesn’t love having an island in their kitchen? It is perfect for meal prepping, a makeshift dining table or even hosting guests. Secondly, for this project, we tore down the walls separating the kitchen and the living room creating an open-concept kitchen which looks extremely spacious and bright. By using white and grey as its main colour scheme, the wood accents were brought in to add warmth to the overall space.

Number 7: 5 Room Resale at Jurong West

Likes: 1230

Moving onto the living room space of the same project above, instead of leaving the TV wall white, we added an arch detail with grey paint for visual interest. This made it the main feature and help draw the eyes in. It also matches well with the built-In TV console space. Moreover, the huge sectional sofa not only has space for many guests to sit but also works as a segregation between the living and dining room.

Number 6: 4-Room BTO at Bidadari 

Likes: 1260

We all love bright and airy spaces. This modern study room uses collapsible doors which allow you to demarcate spaces, and yet make the home appear spacious! The clear glass doors also give off an illusion of a semi-open concept room, making the place look bigger. Plus, the black frame detailing always lends a sleek look to the home.

Number 5: 4-room BTO in Tampines

Likes: 1263

We went a little whimsical for this master bathroom and brought in terrazzo elements. There is something about the textures of terrazzo tiles that makes them extremely appealing. The random details, that burst of colours and how it imparts a visual interest without being too outlandish. The irregularities and randomness of terrazzo tiles also make this popular bathroom a little more playful, and fun.

Number 4: 4-room BTO in Tampines

Likes: 1268

This BTO apartment features a light yet warm tone of wood and beige, creating an inviting vibe to the home. Keeping in mind with having a no-frills, minimalistic design – a floating console was customised alongside track lights, freeing up the floor space thus creating an impression of a bigger home.

Number 4: 4-room BTO in Tampines

Likes: 1419

A very popular project amongst our clients! In the same property featured in the above two projects, here is the common bathroom mixed with the same type of terrazzo tiles. While the other bathroom we shared for place number 5, had half a wall full of terrazzo tiles, this bathroom made the terrazzo sink the main feature in the space. The shower screen was given a quirky twist, by having a rounded corner, and was created frameless so that the space looks light.

Number 2: 5-room Resale HDB in Jurong West

Likes: 1511

Yet another very popular project on our Instagram, this balcony was designed to serve as a casual entertaining or reading space where the homeowner or even their guests can bask in the natural light. Rattan furniture was also used to further dress up the balcony and made it an inviting conversational space, or just an area to relax with the family. The printed Peranakan-style tiles give the home a visual interest and character while contrasting well with the clinical white walls.

No. 1: 4-room BTO

Likes: 1621

Coming in strong at number one, the common and master bathroom featured here is neat and sleek as it utilises the same materials, ensuring uniformity. The raw wood grain finish on the carpentry gives the bathroom a resort-like feel to create a relaxing space that is also easy to maintain.

That’s a wrap of our top 10 most-liked posts this year. We would also like to take the chance to thank our esteemed clients for giving us a chance to be a part of your renovation journey and for being able to be by their side creating their beautiful dream homes in the wonderful year of 2022. As the year comes to an end, we would like to wish everyone a happy new year and exciting new beginnings. See you guys next year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Tidplus Design to you and your loved ones!