Faith Toh


We would like to say a big thanks to TidPlus Design and especially our ID Sia who has helped us tremendously

with our renovation of our old 5-room HDB flat. We started our search back in March 2022 when our estate was going through the Home Improvement Program (HIP) and we decided that we might as well renovate the entire flat since we are going to move out for the HIP anyways. There were lots of timeline changes with the HIP but fortunately Sia was able to accommodate those changes to minimise our stay-out period and finish the renovation on time.
As ours is a very old flat (>30 years) and this is our 1st renovation, Sia has provided very valuable advice on the designs and materials with those considerations and limitations. This being our 1st reno also made us very worried and anxious throughout the whole renovation as we have a young child. Sia was giving us very frequent and timely updates so we know what to expect every week. The quality of work is really good – we did not find many defects.
Last but not least, neighbour-management is something often overlooked in renovations, and Sia really handled our neighbours well during the reno – to the extent that our neighbours were telling us what a great ID you have!”

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